Tuesday, 20 May 2014

About The Improvised Improv Blog and The Improvised Improv Show

The Improvised Improv blog is so named after the show as getting your branding right is an important part of selling a show, and although I like the idea and ethos of writing a completely improvised blog, where all mistakes must be justified and deleting and rearranging bits is not allowed, it would not make for such good reading. I am, however, fairly lazy when it comes to editing, so it will be as much of simply writing what I'm thinking as will be coherent. But then I believe that's just the general idea of a blog anyway, and I couldn't just call it 'The Blog', because, boring as it is, it is already taken.

So now I've told you about the blog, let me explain about the show. The Improvised Improv show was an idea I had in 2012 at the Edinburgh Fringe. I had been doing improv seriously (I will explain what I mean by 'seriously' in another post) for less than a year at the time and was hungry for as much improv as possible - A hunger that is never truly satisfied, but a taste for certain flavours may develop. At the fringe there were so many improvisers there, some with shows, some just to watch.

I was there for two weeks, which is quite a chunk of the three and a half week fringe, and in that time I heard about an impro jam, although never quite managed to find out where and when and attend. I'm sure there must have been a few more than one, but I didn't hear about any others. And I really wanted to jam!

I thought at such an event where so many improvisers flock there should be a daily impro jam! I really wanted one to happen so I could be part of it. And then I thought I'll just put one on myself! It would be much easier than trying to persuade someone else to put it on for me. Also I was planning on taking my first solo show to Edinburgh that year, and if I was going to all the trouble to rent a room and travel to Edinburgh, I might as well make the most of it and put on two shows. Every day.

So I applied for the 2013 fringe and got both shows with the Laughing Horse (whom I shall also blog about in a subsequent post) as part of their free festival. The  first outing of  The Improvised Improv show was a complete success in my mind as every single day of the 25 show run, enough improvisers turned up to make putting on a good show possible, and we had an audience every day as well. Numbers did differ quite considerably but all in all it was the start of something awesome...

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