Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Improvised Improv Show has been to Brighton...

So taking The Improvised Improv Show to Brighton has been a fun experience which has just finished tonight as I type this. In hindsight it would have seen a better turnout of improvisers if it had been advertised in the programme, put on at the weekend and earlier in the day, but what happened was as to be expected for just putting it on on a whim in the slot where another show had cancelled.

In total I only had four people willing to improvise with me over the course of the three nights, and when I have fewer than four for any given show, I act as the host and as a player, so I had to play in all three shows here in Brighton.

On monday I had one other improviser, Calum Anderson, and an audience which gradually grew as the show went on which was great, but I had to keep stopping to welcome and explain the concept of the show, which must have been a little irritating for those who were there from the start. The theme of the show was Canadian and English interactions!

On Tuesday Calum returned and Tom (who's surname shall remain mysterious as I never asked) also joined us as well. The theme of the show was fruit and vegetables, which is a theme that I'm sure has been suggested at least once if not twice before in Edinburgh last year, but as the group was entirely different that hardly matters!

Tonight was a special show and deserves an entire post dedicated to it...

Returning to the other previous shows, I had to chose games for two people, which generally featured a brief cameo of a third person on the Tuesday. The games I chose were:

3 line secnes
Questions only
Audience props
New Choice
Emotional roller-coaster (+ remaining quotes!)

With two people I had to get an audience member to call the emotions in the last game, which was a bad idea and made for a weak finish, but if nothing else I've gotten pretty good at training the audiences for these shows to be incredibly forgiving, so they were still happy that the majority of the show had been good.

Calum and Tom, were both brilliant and, although I don't know off hand what shows they take part in, I highly recommend them. They're probably awesome...

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